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Eileen H
Sarah is the best! Sarah is amazing! Her expertise, good nature, and caring hands make for total healing and health! Hands for Health is the best!
EA Sears
Amazing experience Sarah's quiet nature adds to the incredible experience which leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Wow!
Ron T
Healing for both the body and mind Sarah is an amazing masseuse. Her attention to detail, professionalism, and knowledge put her in a class of healers by themselves. She honestly cares about her patients and doesn't just go through the motions. You will leave your appointment feeling relaxed and satisfied. Thank you Sarah, you're massage really does help heal both the body and mind.
Exceptional massage Sarah is an amazing masseuse not only do massages at Hands for Health leave me deeply relaxed but she's always able to get all the kinks out!
Exceptional I've used Sarah for 6 years now. She was great to begin with, but I have also seen her grow as a practitioner, constantly studying and using new techniques to improve the level and quality of service she delivers. I don't have plans on ever using anyone else.
Mary R
Best massage ever Sarah has a way of working out all the kinks and helping me to completely relax.
Dan G
Great Massage Therapist Always feel 100% better afterwards
Peter B
Excellent Massage Sarah provides an excellent massage. High recommended!
Great massages! Sarah consistently gives wonderful massages. I always look forward to each of my monthly appointments.
Great I get quality Bodywork every time. Thank you so much.
Rose S
Love Sarah massages Love getting my massage with Sarah. I always feel better after the capable, skilled massage I receive.
Shawn B
Expertise Highly recommended.
Kelly F
Incredible Masseuse As a lifelong member of the chronic pain club I have had MANY therapists; Sarah TRULY ranks as one of the finest. You will be blessed by her talent and her knowledge!
susan g
Hands for health Excellent!
RJ whiteside
massage i have had several massages with Sara and have always had a good experience.the facility is clean and the massage was well done.
Katherine R
Massage by Sarah I have had a couple of massages by Sarah and I always feel wonderful afterward!
Gary G
Quality Bodywork Sarah is iba high quality therapist that never rushes and always leaves me in a better place.
Jennifer L
The Very best I am very happy with the bodywork I receive, Sarah is knowledgeable and professional would highly recommend!!
John S
Unbelievable Massage I went to see Sarah because I was having consistent pain in my back. She was able to relieve the tension and I was quickly pain free.